To Meet Desired KPIs


Behind the curtains Rocmob uses its brains and hearts to convert its know how to do now to meet your desired goals.

Experienced Team

A digital team already born with a cell phone in the hand.

Global Reach

We go straight to the point and target only the right audience.

Seamless S2S Integration

Propetary technology, allow an easy integration with any platform.

Around The Clock Service

Our commitment and the result of an infallible mix: tech, long-term experience and know-how.

Any Media, Any Ad, Any Time

Banner, Native, Video, we reach you in any way possible.

Quality & Transparency

The key to trust. You see what you pay for.


Proprietary Technology

Rocmob media uses primed technology stacks to programmatically match supply and demand, keeping in mind the geographic location. With our audience and the experience, we have always managed to meet supply with the right demand.
Rocmob runs on the latest ‘Ad-tech’ built in-house and SaaS technologies. ‘Our multi core’ demand layers are curated by human power, and is monitored 24/7 by our data analytics team to make sure we never let software turn goals into just numbers, in-turn helping our partners, like you, succeed!

Performance Department

Our metrics being performance indicative makes it natural that we optimize your ad buying to be performance driven. We succeed when you do, and we are here to ensure your ads are an investment.

We understand the ins and outs of a sales funnel and how to plan each step from reaching an unqualified prospect to servicing a satisfied customer. It may look like a winding road at first, but we’ll help you hammer out a campaign that works.

Video Department

Although it is a relatively new initiative for us, we have gained great traction over the last few months, and are able to support ‘Tag based buying’ and ‘Open RTB formats’.

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